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We are offering the cottages for sale as part of a Co-ownership Arrangement (similar to Condominium Ownership) where each Co-Owner (cottage purchaser) will be a registered part owner of the Sunny Acres Resort will own their individual cottage, will have the exclusive use of the land immediately surrounding their cottage and will have the use of the resort facilities in common together with their fellow Co-Owners. 


Currently the structure is being determined but for information please see the handy FAQ’s to answer most of your questions.

• Site fees includes what?

o See above. The fees are higher initially as this will generate a small reserve fund that should continue to grow year after year. Fees will be adjusted.

• Is hydro, septic system and water included in site fees?

o Yes, see above.

• Is gas covered in site fee?

o A few cottages have gas stoves and yes, it is covered, it is a very minimal cost. No BBQ’s are connected to gas and each cottage owner is responsible to provide their own BBQ fuel.

• Is dock included?

o Yes, one dock side per cottage, see sitemap for assignments

• Is garbage and recycle disposal included in maintenance fee?

o Yes, weekly during the summer and monthly for the winterized units

• Will the snow removal of driveway (inside resort) be included in maintenance fee?

o Yes, included in the fees and is mainly for safety we need to have the driveway plowed and for the winterized cottage access. Therefor the non-winterized cottage fees have been adjusted to reflect they this.

• Site fee payment options - can it be paid on monthly/quarterly thru direct payment?

o All fees can be paid monthly, or quarterly and through direct payment. Not annually as the fees could increase on an annual basis.

• Are there any restrictions on visitors/guests of the owner?

o No restrictions but because of septic limitations you can only have a certain amount of people overnight in your cottage. But you can use and rent out your cottage as you prefer as long as you obey the cottage people cap.

• Is it accessible in winter?

o Only the “winterized cottages”, the rest of the cottages will not be accessible, there will be no snow shovelling access and they will not have heat, water and the required installation to be used in the winter. Each fall the non-winterized cottages will need to be “winterized” by a professional to avoid damages and this is included in the fees.

• Will the site fee be increased annually?

o Fee's will only increase if expenses due to property tax and/or maintenance fee's increase. The plan is to have a ”board of directors” to monitor fees and potential increases when needed.

• If all the cottages are not sold at once, how will the corporation function? And, will it impact the site fees?

o It will be a percentage ownership, so if all the cottages are not sold right away, the current owners will still own the remaining proportional percentage and have to pay the maintenance fee on those cottages. The more cottages that sell the less percentage the current owners would hold.

• Will the resort be managed by a private company or a corporation or by owners themselves?

o This will ultimately be the decision of the board of directors, there is no reason a formal management company is needed to manage the property as there are not many contracts that would need to be put in place and this could be self-managed once initial structure is set-up.

• Is there any structure/rules available to review?

o Yes, see schedule “B below, these are the basic rules which we are developing and a more formal document will be provided by our lawyers.

• Is there any HST on purchase? If yes, who pays it?

o HST is not applicable

• No. of parking available for each unit.

o Each cottage has a minimum two parking spots. Please inquire on your cottage of interest about the parking situations.

• How will the ownership be transferred and what documents will be provided to new owner?

o See Schedule “B” Transfer of ownership and more information to come on this.

• Do we need to a hire lawyer to facilitate this?

o It is always advisable to have your own solicitor review documents

• Will be there any lawyer involved to facilitate the purchase? If yes, what's the fees and who pays it?

o When you use your own lawyer, you pay. The current owners have paid for the initial structure and contracts to be developed.

• Will the cottage include the land where it's located? And, how it's demarcated?

o The new cottage owner will own shares in the corporation that will allow them exclusive use of their cottage and the land around it.

• Is it a full ownership?

o You will own a percentage of the property, with exclusive use rights to your cottage, land around it and dock.

• Are there any legal issues from the Ministry of Environment and/or Transportation or local municipality re: cottage/dock and resort in general?

o All environmental and safety laws need to be continued to be followed and non-compliance will shut the entire resort down. The monthly fees cover septic and a brand-new septic system was installed in the Fall of 2018 that brings the resort to a very high environmental standard. However continual monitoring will be needed and this in included in the monthly fees.

• Are they stick built cottages or park model/trailer cottages?

o Stick built

• Which year were the Roof’s replaced?

o Depends on your cottage, all roofs are in good condition

• What type of foundation on the cottages?

o Piers

Will the cottages come with a shed (for storage)?

o No sheds and if you wanted to add you would need a building permit however you can add a shed under 10x10 feet without a permit. Similar to the plastic ones you can find at Home Depot.

• Is it a 3 or 4 season cottage

o All cottages are open from May to end of October. The non-winterized cottages will not be accessible because of snow and the water will be shut off.

• Is it winterized and insulated

o Only cottage 11 and House #1 and House #2 are winterized and insulated.

• Will the cottage be furnished (such as lawn chairs, picnic table)

o All cottages come fully furnished including deck furniture if they have decks.

• Will storage be included for the cottage (even if it's a common storage)?

o Not at the moment but again you can add storage.

• What are the common facilities for the owners?

o To minimize costs there is not many common facilities other than lawn, fish cleaning station, dock for boat launch, and outdoor pavilion.

• Can we rent the cottage or is there any restriction?

o No renting restrictions other than the amount of people that can be in a cottage.

• Is there any help to clean the cottage after rent?

o No, there is no management but local workers will be identified and can be hired directly by owners.

• Is cleaning services included in site fees? If not. how much extra to be paid and to whom?

o Not included

• Are there any restrictions on entry/exit to property for its owners/guests?

o No but it is advised all guests follow the friendly neighbour rules

• Will be there any manager and/or care take care onsite in the resort?

o No full-time caretaker at the moment. The current owners will be the managing the corporation set-up until there are enough cottages sold and a board of directors set up. At this point to keep costs down and the small number of units on site there is no full-time caretaker deemed necessary.

• Is there a site-plan plan?

o Yes, see below.

• How much do the cottages cost and what are the fees?

o See price-list below.


If you are interested please fill out the form below for our realtor to contact you or you can contact him at Peter Bastedo Direct 1 613 899 9675

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And don’t worry in 2020 you can still rent your cottage at Sunny Acres!

Regardless of whether you wish to purchase your favourite cottage, the resort will continue to run as usual and it is likely that your favourite cottage will be available to rent again in 2020 either from us or a new cottage owner.