Jane Stoller - CEO and Organizing Nut

Jane has been involved with Sunny Acres since her parents bought the property in 2000. Since then Jane has completed various degrees, moved to Europe, written a book, started her own business (which she will continue to run alongside Sunny Acres) and been a devoted daughter. Jane brings a variety of rental management experience to Sunny Acres from busy tourist destinations in both Canada and the Caribbean which gives her valuable insight into customer needs and service. Jane will be improving efficiency both on and offline which will allow guests to focus more on enjoying their vacation.


Walter Stoller - President of Boat Rentals and Can Fix Anything

Walter has many talents and had several careers including tool and die maker, train engineer, dairy farmer, and Sunny Acres CEO. Walter is not only dedicated to providing customers with a great vacation experience but he loves to make sure all boat rentals are moving smoothly. An avid health guru Walter is excited to come back this season as although he kept busy during his 18 months of retirement he says he misses the people at Sunny Acres and fixing boat motors. (He was kidding about the motors but he knows that minor maintenance is always required!)


Rita Stoller - President of Housekeeping and Customer Chats

Rita is well known for being multi-skilled as when she is not at Sunny Acres or designing homes for her architecture career she can be found baking her famous Swiss bread, and making sure that Walter always has home cooked meals. Her hard work and extreme dedication to details ensure that guests arrive to clean and organized cabins. This year Rita will oversea cottage cleaning and upgrades along with her cleaning crew. She is most looking forward to the many catch-up’s with guests that she has missed over the last two years.


Tigret Stoller - Head of Security

Tigret is usually not on site unless needed. He ensures that no intruders or unwelcome guests are on the property and maintains a safe environment.